Yellow-knobbed Curassow (Crax daubentoni) Photos Facts Info

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Welcome In our site. This site is about the all different bird’s facts and image gallery. Here In this article, I present the Yellow-knobbed Curassow photos, facts, and other information. This bird is found in forest and woodland in Colombia and Venezuela.

This bird species mostly live in the deciduous lowland, evergreen forest and in gallery woodland. They have been recorded at elevations up to 1500 m but normally found at lower altitudes.

yellow-knobbed curassow photos


Appearance Of  Yellow-Knobbed Curassow

The male Yellow-knobbed Curassow mostly has a black plumage. They also have a white ventral region, fleshy yellow knob and a broad tip to the tail. The female bird does not have the fleshy yellow knob. They have a barred breast and upper belly.

yellow-knobbed curassow Male And Female image


Yellow-Knobbed Curassow Facts

  • The male bird has a curl black feather on the head its look like as a  crest on his head.
  • They also have a fleshy yellow knob and wattles at the base of its beak.
  • Yellow-knobbed curassows bird nest on the ground.
  • The female bird lays one and three eggs per clutch.
  • The female Yellow-knobbed Curassow bird laying the egg in May and June.


yellow-knobbed curassow Male pictures

Yellow-Knobbed Curassow Bird Specification
Scientific name Crax Daubentoni
Native  Colombia and Venezuela
Height  84-92.5 cm (33–37 in)
Weight  2–3 kg (4.4-6.6 lbs)
Diet  fruits, leaves, seeds, and small animals
plumage Black 

Yellow-Knobbed Curassow Singing

This bird voice is like a whistles voice. when they call some other bird so its voice is like as they are singing. In below video, you will listen to Yellow-knobbed Curassow bird voice.

Attractive Yellow-knobbed Curassow Photos Gallery

Below I present the attractive yellow-knobbed curassow photos gallery. You can easily free download this images to decorate your mobile screen. You will see the both male and female yellow-knobbed curassow bird images.

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