Willow Ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus) Birds Images Facts Egg and Wallpaper

Overview of Willow Ptarmigan Birds Images

The Willow Ptarmigan is the largest bird from the grouse subfamily. It is the typical bird of the arctic tundra. This bird is also known as a willow grouse. Here you will see the Willow Ptarmigan Birds Images Facts Egg and Wallpaper.

In Ireland and Britain, it is popular as the red grouse and it is appointed as a state bird of Alaska in 1955. They are closely related with the Rock Ptarmigan(Lagopus Muta) Bird.

The Willow Ptarmigan is the sedentary bird and it’s breeding on a birch tree, other forests, and moorlands in northern Europe.

Willow ptarmigan birds images

willow ptarmigan facts


  • There are three species of Ptarmigan bird.

Willow Ptarmigan

Rock Ptarmigan

White-tailed Ptarmigan

  • This Willow Ptarmigan bird is the medium to large size bird and it’s the ground-dwelling bird.
  • The size of males and females are same.
  • They have a long neck, deep chest, broad beak,  short rounded tail and short plumage legs.

Willow ptarmigan facts picture

  • Male:

Male birds have a marbled brown feather, reddish color neck and breast, white wings, black tail and white underparts in the summer season They have red color of wattles above the eyes.

Willow ptarmigan male bird wallpaper

  •  Female:

The Willow Ptarmigan female birds look same as the males but they don’t have red wattles above the eyes.

The female bird has spread brown feathers between the white color feathers on the belly.

Willow ptarmigan female bird photo

  • In the winter seasons, both sexes have completely white feathers on the body and some black feathers in the tail.
Willow Ptarmigan Bird  Specification 
Scientific name Lagopus Lagopus
Other Names Willow Grouse (British), Red Grouse, Le Lagopede des saules (French)
Length 13.8–17.3 in
(35–44 cm)
Weight 15.2–28.6 oz
(430–810 g)
Wingspan 23.6–25.6 in
(60–65 cm)
 Symbol of Alaska

willow ptarmigan habitat

These Willow Ptarmigan birds are mainly habitat for the subalpine, subarctic, pine and birch forests, thickets,  alder trees, heavily vegetated areas, heather moors, tundra and mountain slopes. 
They are mostly found in Canada, United States, China, Mongolia, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain.
Willow ptarmigan picture


The Willow Ptarmigan bird eats different and seasonal diet. They are like to eat berries, flowers, leaves, twigs, buds and seeds in summer. This bird is herbivorous and it’s always live on various plant materials. 

Willow ptarmigan photo


The female birds usually lay 4–14 eggs in the clutch. They are like build their nest in a hidden location. This bird eggs are little yellowish with the dark brown or black spot. 

The female birds use dead leaves, branches, and her feathers for making their nest.  They create round shallow shape nest on the ground.


Immature birds resemble the adults female. This bird chicks are only fed on the small insects because they are not capable of digesting plant material. The juveniles leave their nest within six to twelve hours after the hatching process. 


willow ptarmigan call

The voice tone of this bird is low such as guttural, chuckles, repeated clucking sounds,  expostulation. When the male in the display they make curious nasal barking notes, rattles and barking noises.

Willow Ptarmigan Birds Images

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