Western Capercaillie(Tetrao urogallus) Birds Photos Facts Sounds Diet Details

Western capercaillie(Tetrao urogallus)

Western capercaillie bird is the largest member of a grouse family. They are also known as a wood grouse, heather cock, or only capercaillie. In this article, you will see a Western Capercaillie Birds Photos, facts, sound and diet in brief.

They are famous for its mating display. This bird is the ground-living forest bird. They are found across the Eurasia. The Eurasia is joint with the continental landmass of Europe and Asia.

Western Capercaillie Birds Photos

western capercaillie facts


  • The male bird called as a ‘cocks’ and females are called ‘hens’.
  • Male:

Western capercaillie bird males have a dark grey to dark brown body feathers.

The males bird has dark metallic green feathers on breast. The largest Western capercaillie wild bird have a 100 cm (39 in) length and  6.7 kg (15 lb) or 7.2 kg (16 lb) weight.

The depending on his breed they have a black to white coverts on the belly and under the tail.

  • Female:

The female bird is smaller than the male. Female birds have a half weight as a male.

Western capercaillie females have a brown with black and silver barring upperparts feathers.

The underparts feathers are more light and buffish yellow color. Both male and female bird has a white spot on the wings.

Western capercaillie female and male

Western capercaillie bird Specification 
Scientific name Tetrao urogallus
Other name wood grouse, heather cock, or capercaillie
Length Male: 74 to 85 cm (29 to 33 in)
Female: 54–64 cm (21–25 in)
Weight Male:  4.1 kg (9.0 lb).
Female: 1.5–2.5 kg (3.3–5.5 lb)
Wingspan Male: 90 to 125 cm (35 to 49 in)
Female: 70 cm (28 in)


This bird found in northern parts of Europe and western. They are also live in central Asia in mature conifer forests. This bird likes to live in Switzerland. 

They are found in  Swiss Alps, in the Jura, in the Austrian and Italian Alps. This bird generally sees in the forest region. western capercaillie bird spends their most all day and night in trees. 

Western capercaillie photo


This Western capercaillie bird depends on the variety of food such as buds, leaves, berries, insects, grasses. In the winter this bird mostly like to eat conifer needles. 

In summer these birds are like to eat blueberry leaves and berries with little grass seeds and fresh shoots of sedges. 

They are also feeding on ground vegetation like as spruce, pine, fir, buds from beech and rowan. These birds are laying the  1 cm (0.39 in) in diameter and 5–6 cm (2.0–2.4 in) in length droppings. 


Western capercaillie eat seed picture


Western capercaillie nest image


Western capercaillie eggs Specification
Clutch size 8 to 12
Incubation Period 26–28 days
Egg description White, light fulvous with dark brown spot



This bird chicks are ready for their first flight when they are  3–4 weeks old. They have a light brown color body feathers with the dark spot. This bird chick has a white flesh around the breast. 

Capercaillie sound

Western Capercaillie Birds Photos Gallery

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