All About Tinamous Bird : Photos and Images Synonym Eggs Details (Latest)

Tinamous Bird is Eminent for its colorful, smooth, and glossy eggs. This word “tinamou” is derived from the Tinamu Galibi word. Here In this article, I present elegant Tinamous Bird Photos And Images. You will also see some general tinamou bird information.

This Tinamous Bird is mainly found in Central America, South America, and Mexico. This Tinamous Bird has a 47 species.  There are two various subfamilies of this Tinamous Bird. One is Nothurinae the steppe tinamous and other is Tinaminae the forest tinamous.

Friends, Here first I present some general detail of this Tinamous Bird after that I classified this Tinamous Bird in four parts. You will also see this four classified Tinamous Bird photos and images.  

Tinamous Bird Photos And Images 

Tinamous Bird Basic Information

  • This Tinamous Bird is a dense bird with a  thin neck, small heads, and usually small in size.
  •  The female bird size is large then the male bird.
  • If smallest Tinamous Bird species length is 14.5 cm so its weight is 43 g.
  • If female gray tinamou bird length is 49 cm so it’s weight is 2 kg.

Video Of The Elegant Crested Tinamou

Voice Of  Tinamous Bird

This Tinamous Bird voice be similar to a flute or a whistle. Voice intensity of this bird is different and can often be heard from far. Find this birds by its voice is not very easy.

Tinamous Bird Feeding

Tinamous Bird mostly seeds and other soft vegetative fruit, seeds, green shoots, tender leavers, buds, flowers, tender stems, roots, and tubers. They all also eat insects, small ants, termite, beetle, grasshoppers, worms, amphibians, and reptiles.


Tinamous Bird is flying in a group and they walk silently and put pause frequently in mid-stride.

Nesting And Egg

They all are always created its nest on the ground,  near a bush, open area, in a scrub, in a forest, at the base of a tree. 

Great Tinamou eggs Picture


Tinamous Bird put the 16 eggs. The different species egg color is dark brown, rufous, buff, yellow, green and gray. Large Tinamous Bird species will lay one egg every 3–4 days.  

Tinamous bird eggs photo


Magnificent Tinamous Bird Photos and Images 

Here in this article I mainly classified this Tinamous Bird in four parts. Below you will see a Great tinamous Images, Little tinamou photos, Andean tinamou pictures, and Elegant-crested tinamou wallpaper that you can free download to decorate your mobile, desktop and tablet screen. 

Great tinamous Images

Little tinamou photos

Andean tinamou pictures

Elegant-crested tinamou wallpaper

Here In this article, you can see Tinamous Bird photos, video and tinamou bird facts. I hope you like this article. If you like this post then please comment in below comment box and give your valuable review. You can also share this post on social media. Thank you for visiting our site friends.   

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