Spruce grouse (Falcipennis canadensis) Birds Facts Egg Images Details

Spruce Grouse (Falcipennis Canadensis)

The Spruce grouse is a medium size bird. They are mostly connected with a coniferous boreal forests or taiga of North America and Canada. Here you will see the Spruce grouse Birds Facts images and egg details in brief.

Spruce grouse is also called as a Canada grouse. This bird is the most arboreal grouse and they are a relatively quiet bird. The Ruffed Grouse female birds look like as Spruce grouse.

Spruce grouse Birds Facts


Spruce grouse birds facts

Key to identification

  • Male: 

Adult males bird have a grey upper body part feather and black below. The feathers on the tail are dark and tip in a light.

They also have a white spot on the lower breast and belly. The skin over the eye is red with the white arc.

Spruce grouse male photos

  • Female: 

The adult female bird has a brown or grey plumage. They also have a white and dark spot on the underparts.

Spruce grouse female bird has a broken white line around her face. The tail of female bird is brown with rufous peak.

Spruce grouse bird female photo

  • Chicks: 

This birds chicks (Juveniles ) appearance are same as the adult female bird.

Spruce grouse bird  Specification
Scientific name Falcipennis Canadensis
Other names Canada grouse, Tetras du Canada (French)
Lenght 38–43 cm (15–17 in)
Weight Male:  550–650 g (19–23 oz)
Female:  450–550 g (16–19 oz)
Wingspan 22.4 in
57 cm
Lifespan 5 to 6 years


Spruce grouse birds are mostly found in the wholly Canada. They are also habitat for the  Alaska, northern New England, northern Michigan, northeastern Minnesota, and the montane coniferous forests of Montana, Idaho, and Washington in United state.

They always like to stay in conifer-dominated forests, pine, spruce, or fir. In winter this bird likes to live in denser stands and in summer they found near rich blueberries and another shrub. 

Spruce grouse habitat photo


This bird’s main food is conifer needles. They are also like to eat forage on the ground, eating berries, green plants, fungi, some insects,  and invertebrates. This bird chicks are feed on insects and other arthropods. 

Spruce grouse male pic


Spruce grouse nest picture

Spruce grouse bird built their nest on the ground by using the conifer needles, leaves and feathers. They are always built their nest under the tree.



Spruce grouse eggs Specification 
Clutch Size 4–7 eggs
Length 40 mm (1.5 inches)
Incubation period  24 days
Egg description  white to rufous with dark brown spot



This bird sound is heard from the human ear from 150 m away. They produce many types of calls, including hisses, purrs, and hums. The male bird is notable for its wings clap.

Medium Size Spruce grouse Birds Images

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