Screamer Bird (Anhimidae) Facts Details Habitat And Pictures

Screamer Bird (Anhimidae)

The Screamer Bird is a small size clade of birds. The scientific name of this bird is Anhimidae. They are mostly closely related to ducks bird (family Anatidae). Here in this article, you will see this Screamer Bird Facts, details, habitat in brief and pictures.

They are also closely related to the Galliformes birds because of they have a similar beak. The Screamer Bird have a three species. These three species only occur in South America,  Colombia to northern Argentina.

  • Horned screamer Bird (Anhima cornuta)

Horned screamer picture

  • Southern screamer or crested screamer (Chauna torquata)

Southern screamer bird pic

  • Northern screamer or black-necked screamer (Chauna chavaria)

Screamer Bird Facts

Screamer bird facts

Horned Screamer Birds Facts Images

  • The Horned screamer Birds have black feathers on the upperparts, head, breast throat and wings.
  • They have a white long spiny speckles crown on the head.
  • Horned screamer has the black beak and very long, lanky legs with three large toes in each.
  • This bird has a white color plumage belly and underparts wings.
Horned Screamer  Facts Specification
Scientific name Anhima cornuta
Other names Arauco (Spanish)
Height 84–95 cm (33–37.5 in)
Weight 3.5 kg (7.7 lb)
Average wingspan 1.7 m
Eggs 2-7 eggs
Egg description yellowish-white oval eggs.
Egg length 84 mm
Egg weight 150 grams
 Incubation period 45-47 days
Breeding season Any season
Distribution Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Suriname, French Guiana, and Guyana.
Habitat lowlands,  well-vegetated marshes, tropical and sub-tropical wetlands, including lakes, marshes, flooded grasslands, and lagoons.
Food water plants, grasses, stems, seeds, berries, and leaves.
Symbol Of Department of Arauca,  the Municipality of Arauca in Colombia and National Reserve of Churute in Ecuador.
Sound Very loud echoing sound “El Clon-Clon”.


Southern Screamer Audio Facts and Photos

Southern Screamer Facts Specification
Scientific name Chauna torquata
Other names crested screamer
Height 81–95 cm (32–37 in)
Weight 3–5 kg (6.6–11.0 lb)
wingspan 170 cm (67 in)
Wing chord 54 cm (21 in)
Tail 23.2 cm (9.1 in)
Beak 4.5 cm (1.8 in)
Tarsus 11 cm (4.3 in)
Eggs Two to seven
Egg description White eggs
Incubation period 43 to 46 days
Distribution Southeastern Peru, northern Bolivia, Paraguay, southern Brazil, Uruguay and northern Argentina.
Habitat Large flocks, tropical and sub-tropical swamps, estuaries and watersides.
Food Plants stems, seeds, leaves, and, rarely, small animals.

Northern Screamer Bird Facts And Wallpaper

Northern Screamer Facts Specification
Scientific name Chauna chavaria
Other names Black-necked screamer
Height 88.9 cm (35 in)
Weight 3.9 kg (8.6 lb)
Eggs 3-5 eggs
Egg description whitish to yellow eggs with granulated shell
Incubation period 42-44 days
Distribution Northern Colombia, in Choco, Antioquia, Cordoba, Sucre, Bolivar, Magdalena, Santander, Cesar Departments, northwestern Venezuela, in Zulia, Merida, and the Trujillo States.
Habitat Marshes, swamps, lagoons, banks of slow-flowing rivers and well-vegetated lakes, often surrounded by forest
Food Roots, leaves, stems and other green parts of succulent, aquatic plants. Grazes.

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