Rock Ptarmigan(Lagopus Muta) Birds Images Facts Eggs Wallpaper Guide

Rock Ptarmigan(Lagopus Muta)

Rock Ptarmigan birds belong from the Grouse Family. This bird is the medium size bird and it is also famous as the game bird. They are also known as a Ptarmigan bird in the UK and Canada. Here you will see the beautiful Rock Ptarmigan Birds Images, Facts and Eggs wallpaper.

It is the official bird of the of Nunavut, Canada, Gifu, Nagano, and Toyama and it is the official game bird Newfoundland and Labrador. Rock Ptarmigan bird known as the “raicho” in japan which means “thunder bird”.


rock ptarmigan birds images

Rock ptarmigan facts


  • The Rock Ptarmigan bird change their feathers color according to the weather(seasons).
  • They have a white color feathers in winter and brown in spring or summer.
  • Rock Ptarmigan male birds have white wings and underparts with greyish brown upperparts.
  • In winter these birds have a completely white plumage with black short, rounded tail.

Rock ptarmigan bird male and female photo

Rock ptarmigan facts Specification
Scientific name Lagopus muta
Other names Ptarmigan (British), Lagopede des rochers (French)
Length 34–36 cm (13–14 in)
Weight 15.5–22.6 oz
440–640 g
wingspan 54–60 cm (21–24 in)
Tail 8 cm (3.1 in)
Lifespan 4 years


They are the sedentary birds and it is mostly found in the arctic, subarctic Eurasia, North America including Greenland, rocky mountainsides, and tundra.

It is found in the Arctic Cordillera also seen in mountains of Scotland, Pyrenees, Alps, Bulgaria, Urals, Pamir Mountains, Altay Mountains, and Japan. 

They are like to stay in barren, rocky slopes of the arctic, alpine areas, open tundra, thickets, and forest edge. 

Rock ptarmigan bird picture


The Rock Ptarmigan bird is mainly eating a  birch tree leaves, willow buds, and catkins. They also eat a different seeds, leaves, flowers, and berries of the plant. The young birds are like to eat  Insects. 

Rock ptarmigan bird picture


The female bird lays 3 to 13 eggs in the clutch. They lay rufous color eggs with the dark black spot. This bird is sexually mature when they are six months old. 


This bird voice tone is like as a Guttural growls, clucks, and rattles. 

Rock Ptarmigan Birds Images And Wallpaper







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