Nandu : Rheas Bird Photos And Facts Details (2017)

Rheas Bird Overview

Reha Bird is the largest bird. This Reha Bird is also known as a Nandu. Today Here in this article you will see Rheas Bird Photos And Facts. It is a flightless birds belong from forests of South America. Rheas Bird is a fast runner and larger bird in the Americas.   

There are basically two species of rhea bird. 

1. Greater or American Rhea

2. Darwin’s Rhea

They are different in size and habitat. This bird can be found in pampas grass, woodlands, and open grasslands of Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and Argentina. 


Rheas Bird PhotosRhea Bird Information

Rhea Bird Facts Spectification
Weight  88 pounds (40 kilograms)
Height  5.6 feet (1.7 meters)
Speed 40 miles per hour
Scientific name Rhea
Wings  250 cm (8.2 ft)
Plumage Gray-Brown
Native  South America
Behavior  Silent Birds


Rheas Bird Head

Rheas bird have large legs and necks similar to an Ostrich Bird. Rhea American male neck is  170 cm (67 in) tall at the head and 100 cm (39 in) at the back. This bird is similar look like as emus of Australia and ostriches of Africa. 

Rheas Bird Head Photo


The female rhea bird is put 12-30 yellow-cream eggs in her nest. The male rhea bird incubates the eggs for 6 weeks and increases the chicks. Rheas bird mature when they are 2 years old.

Images Of Rhea Bird Egg

What does a Rhea eat?

This Rhea bird eats plants, fruits, insects, seeds, nuts, lizards, birds, and small animal.

Rheas Bird ImagesLatest Awesome Rheas Bird Photos

Below I categories this rhea bird in two different part. One is darwin’s rhea and the second one is a greater rhea. I present some basic information about this two birds. You will also see pictures of this two species of rhea bird. You can free download this Rhea Bird Photos to decorate your mobile, desktop and tablet screen wallpaper.  

Rheas Bird Images Hd    

Darwin’s Rhea Facts Images And Wallpaper


Darwin’s rhea facts Specification
Scientific name Rhea Pennata
Other Name Lesser Rhea
Native South America: Altiplano and Patagonia
Length 92 to 100 cm (36–39 in)
Weight 15 to 28.6 kg (33–63 lb)
Speeds 60 km/h (37 mph)
Food Lizards, beetles, grasshoppers, fruits, grasses
Bird Mature Three Years
Egg Color Greenish yellow
Egg size 87 to 126 mm (3.4–5.0 in)

Greater Rhea Images And Wallpaper And Facts Information


Greater Rhea facts Specification
Scientific name Rhea americana
Other Names Grey, common, or American rhea
Native South America
Length 127 to 140 cm (50 to 55 in)
Weight 20–27 kilograms (44–60 lb)
Life Span 10.5 years
Food broad-leaved foliage,  seed, fruit, insects, scorpions, small rodents, reptiles, and small birds.
Egg Color Fresh: Greenish yellow dull cream

After some time: Dull cream

Egg Weight 600 g
Egg size 130 mm × 90 mm (5.1 in × 3.5 in)


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