Plain Chachalaca Birds Images Diet Facts Details And Photo Gallery

Plain Chachalaca

The plain chachalaca bird is the large bird and it belongs from the Cracidae family. It looks like as a large chicken bird of Mexico and Central America. Here In this article, you will see the Plain Chachalaca Birds Images and Facts in Details. 

Plain Chachalaca Birds Images

Identification Of  Plain Chachalaca

The scientific name of this bird is Ortalis vetula. Here first I present the plain chachalaca bird appearance, height, and weight.  


This plain chachalaca bird is 56 cm (22 in) long and 0.65 kg (1.4 lb) weight. These birds have a Dull brown or grayish color feathers all over the body. It has a long-necked, Small head, bare throat, long tail and Long strong legs.

The Adults plain chachalaca bird has a greyish head and neck. The eyeball is brown, feet are dull grey and beak is black. The plain chachalaca bird tail is blackish with green gloss and buffy-white tip.  

Plain Chachalaca Birds Wallpaper


Life History

In above topic, we see the appearance of this bird and now we will see this plain chachalaca bird habitat, it’s diet, nesting, eggs, and plain chachalaca bird call.


plain chachalaca habitat

This bird lives in the scrub, forest, savanna, Thickets, dense second growth and semi-arid regions. This plain chachalaca bird is generally found in up to 15 birds group. This bird species spend time in dry and moist forests. 

Plain Chachalaca Photos

plain chachalaca diet

The plain chachalaca bird finds his food from the tree or on the ground. This bird eats a fruit, berries, figs, buds, seeds, insects, leaves, snails, birdseed, popcorn, bread, and flowers. Sometimes they like to eat a vegetable such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

Plain Chachalaca Birds Diet Image

Plain chachalaca bird nesting

This bird normally creates his nest in woods and it is very close to water. Plain chachalaca uses the sticks, weeds,  twigs, leaves, and Spanish moss for creating his nest. They are also using some other old bird nest as a foundation. Generally, this bird nest is 4-15′ above the ground. 

Plain Chachalaca Birds

Plain Chachalaca Bird Eggs

The female bird mostly lays a 2 to 4 Creamy white eggs. The Incubation period of this bird is about 25 days and this process only done by female bird. This bird generally breeds in the early wet season.

Plain Chachalaca Birds Egg Pic

plain chachalaca call

In below video, you can listen to a plain chachalaca bird voice. This bird voice is a loud. This bird is also producing cackles and whistles voice.  Plain chachalaca voice is harsh like RAW-pa-haw or cha-cha-LAW-ka. Mostly this bird does rhythmical chorus in the group in early morning and evening.


Beautiful Plain Chachalaca Birds Images And Photo Gallery

I hope you get the much information of plain chachalaca bird from the above facts. Now let us we will see the beautiful plain chachalaca bird images and it’s a photo gallery that you can free download. You can use this images to decorate your mobile, desktop and tablet screen.

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