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Northern Shoveler Duck (Anas Clypeata)

The Northern Shoveler Duck is medium size duck and known as a northern shoveller in British English. It is the ordinary and famous duck and generally simply called as a shoveler. Here in this article, you will see the Northern Shoveler Duck Facts, eggs information, and photos.

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Northern Shoveler Facts


  • Male: 

The male northern shoveler duck has a dark glossy green head and long black bill. They have a white color feathers chest and black back.

The Flanks and belly of this northern shoveler duck are chestnut-brown. They northern shoveler duck has yellow eyes and orange legs and feet.

Male Northern shoveler Duck photos

  • Female:

The female northern shoveler is overall grayish-brown feathers. The female duck plumage much like as a female Mallard Duck.

They also have a long broad gray or orange bill with yellowish base and edges. Northern shoveler female duck has brown eyes.

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Northern Shoveler Facts  Specification
Scientific name Anas clypeata
Other names Northern Shoveller, Shoveler, Canard souchet (French), Pato chucharron norteno (Spanish)
Length  17.3–20.1 in
44–51 cm
Weight  14.1–28.9 oz
400–820 g
Wingspan 76 cm (30 in)
Eggs  8–12 eggs
Egg color   Creamy gray or olive-buff.
Incubation Period 24 days
Destribution Europe, Asia, Eurasia, western North America, southern Europe, Africa,  Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Central, and northern South America.
Habitat open wetland, grassland, marshes, fresh water.
Food small insects and swimming invertebrates, plant seeds and buds.
Sound  The northern shoveler is a quite duck but sometimes male has a clunking call and female has a quack.
Lifespan 15 to 20 years

Northern Shoveler Call Video

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