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Northern Pintail (Anas Acuta) Over View

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The Northern Pintail is a  duck and its breeds are found in the northern areas like as Europe, Asia, and North America. This Northern Pintail Duck is recognized by it’s slim and long elegant neck. Here in this article, you will see the Northern Pintail facts, habitat, diet, eggs and sound. You can also see this Northern Pintail Duck Pictures.

The scientific name of this duck is Anas Acuta and it comes from the Latin words. The Anas means “duck” and the Acuta is the verb wich means “to sharpen”.

Northern Pintail Facts

Northern pintail duck pictures

Northern Pintail Duck   Specification
Scientific name  Anas acuta
Other names   Common Pintail, Holarctic northern pintail, pintail, canard pilet (French), Pato golondrino (Spanish).
Length   Male: 59–76 cm (23–30 in)
Female: 51–64 cm (20–25 in)
Weight    Male: 450–1,360 g (0.99–3.00 lb)
 Female:  454–1,135 g (1.001–2.502 lb)
Wingspan  80–95 cm (31–37 in)
Wing chord  23.6–28.2 cm (9.3–11.1 in)
Lifespan  15 to 25 years and maximum 27 years.
Distribution Eurasia,  Poland,  Mongolia,  Canada, Alaska, Midwestern United States, Panama,  sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia.
Sexual mature  1 year old
Breeding season April and June

Northern Pintail Appearance

Northern Pintail Male

Male Northern pintail duck pictures

The male Northern Pintail duck has a gray color feathers on upper back and sides. They also have a brown color head, neck, and throat. The male duck has a white chest and underparts.

On the center of the back side, they have a long black tail plumage. The beak of this dick is black with gray stripes. They have dark brown color eyes and gray legs.

Northern Pintail Female

Northern pintail female images

Northern Pintail duck female has a brown color feathers on the back with light white or pale brown edges on all plumage.  They have a light tan face and head. The belly and lower breast are white and tan upper breast.

The bill of female duck is dull black generally with blue stripes. They also have dark brown eyes and bluish-gray legs.

Northern Pintail Duck Full Description

Northern Pintail Habitat

Northern pintail habitat image


The Northern Pintail ducks are like to lives in open areas like wetlands, wet grassland, freshwater, lakesides, and tundra. They prefer to live estuaries, coastal lagoons, and brackish marshes in a winter season. These Northern Pintail ducks are also swimming in salty lakes, rivers, streams,  floodplains, ponds, and pools.


Northern Pintail Diet

Northern pintail duck picture

The pintail ducks generally eat aquatic plant’s food in the evening or night by dabbling and upending. They are also like to eat roots, grain, seeds,  invertebrate animals,  and aquatic insects like molluscs and crustaceans.

Northern Pintail Eggs

Northern Pintail Eggs Specification
Eggs  7 to 9 eggs
Eggs descrption Cream color eggs
Egg size 55 mm × 38 mm (2.2 in × 1.5 in)
Weigh 45 g (1.6 oz)
Incubation period 22 to 24 days
Hatching  46 to 47 days


Northern Pintail Sound Video

The male duck sound is same as a Common Teal Duck sound like the soft proop-proop whistle and female duck voice tone is similar to the Mallard Duck like low quack and croak.

Northern Pintail Duck Pictures Gallery

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