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Over View Of Montezuma Quail

Montezuma quail (Cyrtonyx Montezumae) bird belongs from the New World quail family of Mexico. Few Montezuma quail is nearby parts of the United States. Here In this article, you will see a Montezuma Quail Facts Images, and eggs photos in details. 

It is also popular as a  Mearns’s quail, the harlequin quail, and the fool quail. They type of species have long sickle-shaped claws. It’s using claws for digging.

Montezuma Quail Male Photo

Montezuma Quail Facts

  • These Montezuma quail birds are quite sedentary.
  • This bird can be leap at least 2 m (6.5 feet).
  • They are not seen in the group. Mostly their covey consists of eight birds, parents bird, and their children.
  • Montezuma quail is one of the shortest quails bird of North America.

Montezuma Quail Facts Images


Montezuma Quail Facts Specification
Scientific name Cyrtonyx montezumae
Family New World Quail
Other Name Colin Arlequin (French), Codorniz Moctezuma (Spanish)
Length 7.9–9.1 in
20–23 cm
Weight 4.3–8.1 oz
122–230 g
Wingspan 16.1–16.9 in
41–43 cm


Montezuma Quail Pair image


  • Small quail have a tiny Round crest on the head.
  • It’s has a small round head, very short tail with round body.
  • Male birds have a bold black and white face with a black chin.
  • It also has a dark black chest with several little white spots.
  • The females have a brown plumage with many small white spots.
  • The head form of a female is like as males.
  • A male beak is black and female has to brown.


They are habitat in open woods, mostly in oak but also pine and juniper forest. This bird also live in the arid montane scrub, Slopes of the hill, northern temperate grassland, and canyons.

Montezuma Quail Family Wallpaper


Montezuma quail eats plants as well as insects. Mostly they eat insects in summer. They also eat bulbs of many plants, larvae, pupae, acorns, other nuts, various seeds, berries and small fruits.

Montezuma Quail eat seed picture


Montezuma quail eggs Specification
Egg color  White 
Eggs  10 to 12 
Clutch Size 2–15 eggs
Incubation Period  25 day 


Young Montezuma quail bird leave the nest shortly after hatching. Incubation is only done by female bird. Young birds are capable of short flight within 10 days of hatching.

They look like as an adult in about 10 to 11 weeks. The chicks look is similar to an adult female.


Montezuma Quail Chick Image


  • This bird voice is like as a quavering metallic whistle and descending whistle like vwirrrrr.

Montezuma Quail Pictures Gallery

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