Malleefowl ( Leipoa ocellata) Bird Image Fact Nest Photos Details

Malleefowl Bird Image Fact

Malleefowl bird belongs to the family of 22 bird species which is known as a ‘megapodes’ means ‘large feet’. Here In this article, I will present Malleefowl Bird Image fact and nest photos in details.

This bird is also known as a Leipoa ocellata. Malleefowl bird is a very shy, wary, solitary birds. This bird normally flies only for escape from danger and reach on any tree to roost in. 

 Malleefowl Bird Images

Mallee Fowl Facts

  • The Malleefowl bird has strong feet and short beak. The beak is blackish and leg is greyish.
  • Malleefowl bird belongs from Australia. 
  • The head and neck of this birds are generally gray with dark stripes. The dark stripes spread on the neck, throat and on the upper breast. 
  • Below the neck body parts of this birds are covered with a creamy color. 
  • The upper body part feathers are grey, cream, black and Rufous. 
  • This bird has not any similar species.


Malleefowl Bird image fact

Malleefowl Mounds(Nest)

The Malleefowl does not build a nest like most other birds.The male Malleefowl bird builds their first mounds (nest) when they four years old but they do not make the impressive structure as older birds made. This bird use sand for comprises incubator of the nest.

Malleefowl bird mounds are normally 3 to s meters in diameter and one meter high. This bird also uses leaf and Trimmings for creating his nest. The male bird checks the temperature of the mounds before female bird lays eggs. 

In the breeding season, the heat for the incubation of the eggs is produced from the decomposition of the leaf. The heat for the incubation of the eggs is also produced from the sun. 

Malleefowl Diet

Malleefowl bird eats the insects, seeds (including cultivated grain), berries, fungi, tubers, invertebrates, native herbs, fruits of shrubs (especially legumes) and flowers. They do not need much water to drink. This bird chicks are observed to eat insects and the seeds from both shrubs and herbs.

Malleefowl Bird Image

Mallee Fowl Eggs

The female bird mostly lay about 15 to 25 thin-shelled eggs. The female Malleefowl bird usually laying eggs in between September and February. Malleefowl bird has laid an egg every 5-7 days.

The incubation period of eggs depends on temperature.The incubation period between about 50 and almost 100 days at anywhere but 60 days in nest temperature. Malleefowl bird is reach breeding age at 3-4 years.

Mallee Fowl Chick

The chicks hatching and come out from the mounds in November. The hatching time may continue until march. Most Malleefowl bird chicks generally come from mounds before January.

This Malleefowl bird hides eggs in a nest with up to a meter of sand. The chicks struggle up to 15 hours to come out at the surface of mounds. The chicks are immediately run, feed, and fly within 24 hours with themselves.

Outstanding Malleefowl ( Leipoa ocellata) Bird Image

The Malleefowl birds are notable for the large nesting mounds and it’s created by the males. Here Below I present the incredible Malleefowl Bird Image Gallery. You can free download this bird images to decorate your mobile and desktop screen. 

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