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Over View Of Maleo Bird

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Today here in this article, I am going to represent the Maleo bird facts eggs and latest photos. This bird is also known as a Macrocephalon maleo. Maleo Bird is the species of megapode.

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Maleo bird facts

  • The Maleo bird live on to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.
  • Maleo bird is a member of the monotypic genus Macrocephalon.
  • This bird found in the hill forests and tropical lowland.
  • Maleo bird creates his nest in open sandy areas like volcanic soils or beaches.
  • The average height of this birds is 55–60 cm long.
  • Maleo bird has a  blackish plumage and bare yellow face skin.
  • These birds have a reddish-orange beak, greyish blue feet, and lighter red underbody part.
  • The head of this bird is decorated with a black helmet casque.

Maleo bird diet

The male and female Maleo bird are always close to each other all the time. Maleo bird likes to eat fruits, seeds, mollusks, ants, termites, beetles and other small invertebrates.

Maleo bird in cage pic

Maleo bird sounds

They have several different calls summer softly lying type sound like a summer loud male calls territorial calls it sound sort of like a rumble up two.

Maleo bird egg

This bird egg is quite large. The egg is approximately 240-270 grams and 11 cm in length. The eggs are five times as large than the average domestic chicken egg.

They are always made his nest on river banks, lake shores, and coastal areas of the island. The male Maleo digs a hole in 30-50 cm deep in his nest. The female bird put its egg in it and cover it with the ground sand around 10-15 cm above the eggs.

The parent’s birds secure his eggs From predators such as cats, monitor lizard,  wild pig, and reticulated python. After the egg has been securely hiding, the parents leave the nest and never come. The egg is incubated for 80 days in the sand warmed by solar heat. 

The incubation of the eggs is depending on the solar or volcanic heating. After this eggs hatch, The chicks come out from the eggs and it’s come outside from the sand.  The small chicks hide in the forest.

Maleo chick

The Maleo bird chick is totally independent. The young birds are able to fly itself and also find food. The Maleo bird chicks have a black color feather on the upper body part. They also have a cream or yellow color plumage on under the neck.


Latest Maleo Bird Photos Gallery Free Download

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