Kiwi Bird (Apteryx) Images Facts and Classification With Photos

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There are five species of kiwi birds all of which are native to New Zealand. They are also the national symbol for new Zealand. Here in his article, I will present Kiwi Bird Images Facts and its classification with photos.

Kiwi Birds are the small bird and are a similar size to the domestic chicken. They have a unique feather and some very unique characteristics which make them extraordinarily. 

Kiwi bird photos

Kiwi Bird Facts

  • Females are slightly larger than the males
  • They have small two wings that are around five centimeters long their wings are completely useless and they are unable to fly tall.
  • Kiwis have a long thin beak that they used to poke and dig the ground to find food.
  • They are only bird in the world that have external nostrils on the end of their beaks. 
  • Kiwi birds also have whiskers to help them to find food. 

Kiwi Bird Images Facts

Kiwi Bird Information Specification
Scientific name Apteryx
Native New Zealand
Weigh Male: 2.4 kg(5.3 lb)
 Female: 3.3 kg(7.3 lb)
 Height   45 cm(18 in)
 Lifespan  Between  25 and 50 years.
 Wings  5 centimeters long
 Color   Brown, white

Kiwi Bird Egg

Female kiwi bird lays an average of one egg per year they have the largest egg out of any of the bird in the world. The incubation period is 63–92 days. The chick hatch fully feathered after around 80 days.

Kiwi bird egg image

Kiwi Bird Video

What Do Kiwis Eat 

They are one of the only birds that have a good sense of smell comes in extremely handy as they have very poor vision and they rely mainly on their sense of smell to find food.

kiwis are omnivores although worms for a major part of their diet they will also eat a slug, snails, spider, insects, seeds and berries

Kiwis are mostly nocturnal and they are found mainly living in the forest area where they make dens and nests inside hollow logs or in deep vegetation. 

kiwi bird diet photo

Kiwi Bird (Apteryx) Images and Classification With Photos

There are basically five species of kiwi birds. Like Southern brown kiwi, North Island brown kiwi, Little spotted kiwi, Great spotted kiwi and Okarito kiwi bird. Here below you will see this five kiwi bird species Images and photos that you can free download for to decorate your mobile and desktop screen. 

Southern Brown Kiwi Images

Southern Brown Kiwi Facts Specification
Scientific name Apteryx australis
Other Name  Tokoeka, or common kiwi
Native New Zealand’s South Island
Weigh Male: 1.6 to 2.8 kg (3.5–6.2 lb)
 Female: 2.1 to 3.9 kg (4.6–8.6 lb)
 Height  45 to 55 cm (18–22 in)
 Lifespan  Between  25 and 50 years.
 Color   Brown

North Island Brown Kiwi Photos And Facts


North island brown kiwi facts Specification
Scientific name Apteryx Mantelli
Other Name  Apteryx australis or Apteryx Bulleri
Native North Island of New Zealand
Weigh Male: 2.2 kg (4.9 lb)
 Female: 2.8 kg (6.2 lb)
 Height  40 cm (16 in)
 Lifespan  Between  25 and 50 years.
 Color   Brown


Little Spotted Kiwi Wallpaper And Guide


Little spotted kiwi facts Specification
Scientific name Apteryx Owenii
Other Name  Little gray kiwi
Native New Zealand
Weigh Male: 0.9 to 1.3 kg (2.0–2.9 lb)
 Female: 1 to 1.9 kg (2.2–4.2 lb)
 Height  35 to 45 cm (14–18 in)
 Lifespan  Between  25 and 50 years.
 Color   Brown, gray

Great Spotted Kiwi Pictures

Great spotted kiwi facts Specification
Scientific name Apteryx haastii
Other Name  Great gray kiwi, Roroa
Native South Island of New Zealand.
Weigh Male: 1.2 and 2.6 kg (2.6 and 5.7 lb)
 Female: 1.5 and 3.3 kg (3.3 and 7.3 lb)
 Height  Male: 45 cm (18 in)
Female: 50 cm (20 in)
 Lifespan  30–40 years.
 Color   Brown, Gray 


Okarito Kiwi Pics


Okarito kiwi facts Specification
Scientific name Apteryx rowi
Other Name  Rowi or Okarito brown kiwi
Native West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island
 Lifespan  30–40 years.
 Color   Brown

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