Jungle Bush Quail (Perdicula Asiatica) Birds Images Eggs And Facts Info

Jungle Bush Quail Birds (Perdicula Asiatica)

The Jungle Bush Quail is a very shy bird and it’s the species of quail bird. They are mainly found in the India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Here in this article, you will see the Jungle Bush Quail Birds facts, eggs and images.

Jungle bush quail bird pair photo

Jungle bush quail information


  • Jungle Bush Quail has a brown beak with a black tip and the legs and feet are orangish-yellow.
  • The both male and female has red and white streaks on the head.
  • They have chestnut-brown feathers with the dark stripe.
  • The back of this bird is spotted with black, brown and yellow color.
  • Jungle Bush Quail also have a  brownish white plumage with typical black stripes on a breast and abdomen.
  • They have a  chestnut-brown tail cover its reddish-brown feathers.
  • Male:

The Head of a male Jungle Bush Quail is brownish red in color and slight brown mottling on top.

They have a speckled white color breast with the brownish black color feather. The Jungle Bush Quail male has a white mustache.

male Jungle bush quail bird wallpaper

  • Female:

The female bird has a uniform, rich chestnut breast, belly, and variegated wings. They are note have a white mustache like the male bird.

Jungle bush quail female bird photo

Jungle Bush Quail Bird Specification
Scientific name Perdicula Asiatica
Other Names Raan Laawa
Height 6.3–7.2 in (16–18 cm)
Weight 2–2.85 oz (57–81 g)
Family Phasianidae
Subspecies Four to Five


The Jungle Bush Quail birds are habitat for the dry grasslands, dry scrub, brush, open deciduous forest, and stony grasslands. They mostly prefer to stay in dry grasslands but Jungle Bush Quail bird can be also found in wooded areas.

 Jungle bush quail birds image


They generally feed on the grass, seeds, grain, herbs, gram and millet, tender shoots, and some small insects. The Jungle Bush Quail birds are also eating maggots and small insect larvae.

Jungle bush quail bird picture


The female bird lay five to six creamish white in color and fairly glossed eggs in their nest. The incubation period of this bird is approximate takes between 16 and 18 days. The nesting and breeding season of this Jungle Bush Quail bird is in between August and April.

Jungle bush quail bird eggs

Jungle bush quail sound

The  Call of this bird is rhythmic, harsh, slightly grating like “chee-chee-chuck, chee-chee-chuck. They also produce soft whistling calls like whiwhiwhiwhi.

Jungle Bush Quail Images


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