Himalayan Snowcock (Tetraogallus Himalayensis) Birds Image Facts And Wallpaper

Overview of Himalayan Snowcock

Himalayan Snowcock is large size bird and it mainly found in the Himalayan and Asia. These birds belong from the pheasant family, Phasianidae bird. In this article, you will see Himalayan Snowcock Birds Image, some informative Facts, And Wallpaper. 


Himalayan snowcock pictures

Himalayan snowcock facts


  • This bird has a small and well-marked head like as a chukar partridge bird.
  • They have a white throat,  chestnut stripe on sides of the head and dark chestnut stretching on the eye or ear.
  • Himalayan Snowcock has grey upperparts with rufous rump and the wings.
  • The both sexes look similar but the females are smaller than the male.
  • This bird also has a grey upper breast with dark crescent and lower breast feathers are dark grey.
  • They have a white color plumage tail, yellow legs, and skin.

Himalayan Snowcock bird facts


Himalayan Snowcock  bird  Specification 
Scientific name Tetraogallus Himalayensis
Length  55–74 cm (22–29 in)
Weight  2–3.1 kg (4.4–6.8 lb)
Wingspan: 86-97 cm
sexual mature  2 years


This bird found in steep rocky cliffs, steep ridges of mountains of Central and South Asia and alpine pastures. They are also live in mountains of Nevada in united state and the Ruby Mountains. 

Himalayan snowcock birds group photo


Himalayan Snowcock bird feeds on the berries of Ephedra, seeds,  leaves of Artemisia, grass shoots, bulbs and the heads of a rye-like grass. In the morning time, they are only drinking water.

Himalayan Snowcock image



In India, the breeding season of this bird is mainly summer April to June. The females bird lay  5 to 12 long oval shape eggs. This bird egg is stony olive or brown color and spotted with red or brown color. The incubation period of this bird is about 27–28 days and it is only done by the female bird. 

Himalayan snowcock sound

This Himalayan Snowcock bird is silent in winter but speaks in spring. The voice tone of this bird is like as a loud whistle and they also make a rising and shrill piping call. 

Himalayan Snowcock Birds Image


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