Himalayan Monal (Lophophorus Impejanus) Facts Eggs And Images [Birds]

Himalayan Monal Bird (Lophophorus Impejanus)

The Himalayan Monal bird belongs from the pheasant family, Phasianidae. Here in this article, you will see the Himalayan Monal Bird Facts Eggs And Images. This Himalayan Monal is the national bird of Nepal and it is known as Danphe in Nepal.

It was the state bird of Himachal Pradesh until 2007 now it is the state bird of Uttarakhand India. This bird also is known as a  Monal in Uttarakhand India.

 Himalayan monal bird pair  pic

Himalayan Monal Facts


  • The male bird is slightly large than the female bird. They both look very different than the each other.
  • The chicks look like as the adult female bird they totally have the overall brown appearance.
  • Male: 

The male Himalayan Monal birds have multicolored feathers throughout the body.

They have a bright blue, green, purple, light yellow, brown, black and red feather on upperparts.

Himalayan Monal bird male has a black color feathers on breast and underparts.

They also have a bright green head and metallic green color crest on top of the heads. The Himalayan Monal male has a blue skin around the eye.

They have a bright yellow patch on the neck. Generally, male bird has a chestnut-brown color tail with light brown feather and white rump.

Himalayan monal bird male image

  • Female: 

The female Himalayan Monal bird looks totally different than the male bird.

They have greyish brown feathers on upperparts with white stick lines and black spots.

Himalayan Monal bird female has a brown plumage with white lines on breast and underparts.

The female bird also has a white color throat and brown or black tail cover with a white spot.

They also have a shorter and brown feathers crest on the head.

Female Himalayan monal bird photo

Himalayan Monal bird Specification
Scientific name Lophophorus impejanus
Other names Impeyan monal, Impeyan pheasant
Length 70 centimeters l
Weight Male: 2380 grams
Female: 2150 grams
Lifespan 10-12 years
Sexual mature Between 12 to 24 month
Eggs 2 to 5
Eggs description white or dirty white color eggs with brown and paler spots.
Incubation period 26 to 29 days
Breeding season April to August
Distribution India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Burma,
India: Himalayan, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh.
Habitat    Oak-conifer forests, open grassy slopes, cliffs and alpine meadows, tolerates snow and digs.
Food  SSeeds, Tubers, shoots, Berries, Terrestrial insects, Small larvae.
Sound Shrill whistle

Himalayan Monal Bird Sound Video 

Himalayan Monal Bird Eggs And Images

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