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Over View Of Guan Bird

The Guan birds are mainly found in southern Central America, northern South America, and a few nearby Caribbean islands. Today, here in this article you will see this Guan bird Facts Photos and wallpaper.

There are basically three species of this Guan bird. Here I present the facts of this three different species and you will also see image gallery.

(1) Horned Guan Bird

(2) Crested Guan Bird

(3) Dusky-Legged Guan Bird

Guan bird Facts Photos

Guan Bird Facts Photos

  • Nutritionally analyzing the foods that the Guan eat they eat 63 varieties of fruits, leaves, and flowers.
  • This species is endangered primarily because of habitat destruction these high cloud forest area.
  • They are also prime habitat for coffee and so a lot of coffee plantations slowly making their way up the mountain.
  • They can fly but not really well.
  • The scientific name of this bird is Penelopinae. 
  • This Guan bird belongs from the Cracidae bird family.

Guan bird Wallpaper


Horned Guan  Birds Images

  • This bird looks like as a turkey bird.
  • They have red color horn on top of the head.
  • The upper belly and breast feather of this bird are white.
  • It’s has a black feather long tail with a white stripe near the base.
  • Both male and female bird appearance are similar.
  • The young bird has a small horn with brown tail and wings.
  • This Horned Guan bird is found in humid mount forest of southeast Mexico-(Chiapas) and Guatemala of Central America.
Horned Guan Facts Specification
scientific name Oreophasis Derbianus
Length 85 cm
Plumage Black
Leg Red
Bill Yellow
Iris White
Eggs Two


Crested Guan Birds Pictures

  • This bird found in the Neotropics, south Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula to western Ecuador and southern Venezuela.
  • The both male and female sexes are similar in look.
  • Generally, this bird has a dark brown plumage with white spotting.
  • The Crested Guan has bright red wattles.
  • It also has long broad tail and pink legs.
  • The Crested Guan bird is mostly seen in a pair or in the family group.


Crested Guan Facts Specification
Scientific name Penelope Purpurascens
Length 84 to 91.5 cm (33.1 to 36.0 in)
weight 1,750 g (3.9 lb)
Eggs Two or three white eggs
Wings 33 to 42.8 cm (13.0 to 16.9 in)
Tail 34 to 41.5 cm (13.4 to 16.3 in)
Color Dark brown

Dusky-Legged Guan Pics

  • This bird found in  Uruguay, northeastern Argentina and southernmost areas of Paraguay and Brazil.
  • This bird is the species of  Cracidae family.
  • These birds are live in tropical moist lowland forests and tropical moist montane forests.


Dusky-Legged Guan Facts Specification
Scientific name Penelope obscura
Length 73 centimeters
Weight 1.2 kilograms
Food Fruit, flowers, buds, and  seed


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