Grey partridge (Perdix perdix) Birds Image Facts and Eggs Details

Grey partridge (Perdix perdix)

The Grey Partridge bird belongs from the Britain. It is the small game bird in the pheasant family.  Here in this article, you will see the Grey Partridge Birds Image facts and egg details in brief. The Chukar Partridge Birds (Alectoris chukar) is also belong from the pheasant family.  

The scientific name of this bird in Latin is “Partridge” and it is derived from Ancient Greek Perdix. This Grey partridge bird is also known as an English partridge, Hungarian partridge, or hun.

Grey partridge bird couple pic

Grey partridge facts


  • The Grey partridge is small headed round game bird. They have a  brown color back with grey flanks.
  • This bird belly is white and generally marked with a large chestnut-brown mark.
  • The adult Grey partridge birds have a  yellow-brown or orange face and throat.
  • They also have grey legs and small green beak.
  • The both male and female birds are similar in appearance but the female birds are duller in color.

Grey partridge bird pair picture


Grey partridge bird  Specification 
Scientific name Perdix perdix
Other names English partridge, Hungarian partridge, Hun, partridge
Weight 490 g (Adult)
Length 28–32 cm (11–13 in)
Lifespan 3 to 5 years

Grey partridge habitat

These Grey partridge birds are habitat for the wasteland, moors, and sand dunes. Mostly, adults birds prefer to live in open grass and in vegetation. They are mainly found in the farmland of Europe into western Asia, Canada, United States, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. 

Grey partridge bird habitat wallpaper

Grey partridge diet

Grey partridge birds generally feed on seed, grass, shoots and take some small insects during the breeding season. They are also like to eat invertebrates such as sawflies, beetles, and aphid. 

Grey partridge bird photo


The female bird generally lay up to 20 eggs in a ground nest. They create their nest by using the dead leaf and grass. This bird usually builds their nest in the margin of a cereal field commonly in winter wheat. 

Grey partridge call

This Grey partridge bird is creating harsh kieerr-ik voice tone when they are disturbed.

Grey partridge Birds Image



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