Great Argus (Argusianus Argus) Bird Facts Eggs And Photos

Great Argus Bird (Argusianus Argus)

The Great Argus Bird is the species from the pheasant family. The male bird is famous for his unusually long wings and distinctive tail feathers. Here in this article, you will see this Great Argus Bird facts eggs and photos.

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Great Argus Bird Facts


  • This Great Argus Bird has a brown color body plumage with blue neck and head.
  • They have a rufous red color upper breast and red legs.
  • The both male and female has a black hair on the head like feathers crown on head.
  • The male Great Argus Bird is the largest bird among all pheasants bird because they have a very long tail feathers.
  • Great Argus Bird male has a most incredible huge, broad, Considerably spread secondary wing feathers with large ocelli.
  • The female Great Argus is smaller and duller than the male. They have fewer ocelli and very short tail.

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Great Argus Bird Specification
Scientific name Argusianus argus
Other names Argus pheasant
Height Male:160–200 cm (63–79 in)
Female:72–76 cm (28–30 in)
Weight Male:2.04–2.72 kg (4.5–6.0 lb)
Female:1.59–1.7 kg (3.5–3.7 lb)
Tail Male:105–143 cm (41–56 in)
Female:30–36 cm (12–14 in)
 Eggs  Average 2 eggs
Incubation period 24 to 25 days
Sexual Maturity 3 years
Breeding Season February-August
Distribution Jungles of Borneo, Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula in southeast Asia.
Habitat Tall, dry, lowland primary, and logged forests, around up 1,300 meters above, but principally below 900 meters.
Food Fallen fruits and ants,  insects, mollusks, leaves, nuts, nd seeds.
Lifespan Unknown in wild and up to 20 years in zoos.

Great Argus Pheasant Call Video 

Attractive Great Argus Bird Photos


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