Gadwall (Anas Strepera) Duck Facts Identification Eggs Photos

Gadwall Duck (Anas Strepera)

The Gadwall Duck is the world-famous dabbling duck and belongs from the Anatidae family. This Gadwall Duck has the same size like as Mallards Duck. Here in this article, you will see the Gadwall Duck Facts, identification, eggs information and photos.

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Gadwall Duck Facts

Gadwall Duck Facts


  • Male: 

The male Gadwall Duck has a gray color plumage on the body with black feathers rear end and light brown wings.

They also have a white color speculum feathers. The Gadwall Duck has a less orange or black color beak and orange color legs.

Male Gadwall duck pictures

  • Female: 

The female Gadwall duck has a light brown color plumage and she looks same as a mallard female duck.

They are smaller than the male bird and has an orange color bill with black tip. The female duck also has a white belly and speculum.

Female gadwall duck pictures


Gadwall Duck Facts Specification
Scientific name Anas strepera
Other names Canard chipeau (French)Pato ruidoso, Anade riente (Spanish)
Length 18.1–22.4 in
46–57 cm
Wight 17.6–44.1 oz
500–1250 g
Wingspan 33.1 in
84 cm
Eggs 7–12 eggs
Egg color White
Egg Length 1.9–2.4 in
4.9–6 cm
Egg Width 1.3–1.7 in
3.4–4.4 cm
Incubation Period 24–27 days
Nest size 3 inches deep
Distribution  Northern areas of Europe and Asia, central North America, eastern North America,  Alaska, south into Central America, Idaho, Kansas, Ohio, Virginia, and Central America.
Habitat Great Plains, prairies, reservoirs, ponds, fresh and salt water marshes, streams, city parks, sewage ponds.
Food  Insects, molluscs, algae, grasses, rushes, sedges, pondweed, widgeon grass, water milfoil, leaves, stems, roots, seeds, snails, midges, and water beetles.
Sound  Male: hoarse whistling call.Female: quack voice tone like a mallard duck.
Lifespan  Up to 20 years.

Gadwall Duck Call

Gadwall Duck Images And Photos

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