Eurasian Teal (Anas crecca) Duck Photos Facts Eggs Sound

Eurasian Teal Duck (Anas crecca)

The Eurasian Teal Duck is the general and famous duck. They are also known as a common teal duck. This duck breeds are live in temperate Eurasia and move south area in winter. Here in this article, you will see the information about this Eurasian Teal Duck. You can also see this duck facts, habitat, eggs, sound and photos.

Eurasian teal pair photos

Eurasian Teal Facts


  • Male: 

The Eurasian Teal male duck has pale gray feathers on the body with brown color head and upper neck. They also have white stripes and flanks on the body.

The male duck has black color eyes with broad dark green eye stripes and lined with cream color. Eurasian Teal male duck has a creamy white chest with round dark black or brown spot.

They have a dark gray color beak and feet. This duck tail has a black and white plumage with the yellow patch at the end.

Eurasian teal duck pictures

  • Female:

The female Eurasian Teal Duck has a  brown color feathers on all over the body with white stripes. They also have a white color plumage on a breast. The female duck has a brown color iris.

The beak of a female duck is pink or yellow at the base and dark gray color on the tip. They have a grayish olive or greyish-brown feet and legs.

Female Eurasian teal images


Eurasian Teal Duck Specification
Scientific name Anas crecca
Other names Common Teal
Length 20–30 cm (7.9–11.8 in)
Weight   Male: 340 g (12 oz)
Female:  320 g (11 oz)
Wingspan 53–59 cm (21–23 in)
Wings 17.5–20.4 cm (6.9–8.0 in)
Beak 3.2–4 cm (1.3–1.6 in)
Tarsus  2.8–3.4 cm (1.1–1.3 in)
Eggs 5–16 eggs
Incubation period 21–23 days
Breeding season Summer
Distribution Eurasia,  temperate Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, southern Asia, Africa and North American
Habitat Small lakes, lagoons, pools, marshes, stream, saline lagoons and coastal bays.
Food Aquatic plants, grasses, grain, cereals, molluscs, worms, small fish, and small insects.
Sound Male: cryc or creelycc whistle
Female: keh or neeh quack.
Lifespan 27 years

Eurasian Teal Duck Sound Video 

Eurasian Teal Duck Photos


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