Emus Bird Dromaius Novaehollandiae Images Facts and Wallpaper 2017

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Emus bird is a large bird in Australia and New Guinea. Emu bird is the second largest bird in the world after the Ostrich Bird. Here In this article, I present flightless Emus Bird Images and facts. This Emu bird is large than the cassowary and rhea bird.

Emus is the flightless birds with soft brown feathered, long necks and legs.  Emu bird has a black beak and dark leg. Emus bird each feather has a twice shaft. 

Emus Bird Wallpaper

Emu Facts

  • Male and female emus bird are similar in outlook but,  usually, females are larger than the males bird.
  • Emus bird has two eyelids. One for the blinking and other for keeping out the dust from it. 
  • Emus bird belongs to the flightless birds Ratites Family. 
  • The emu’s bird has tiny wings under their feather. 
  • Emu bird has 3 toes on each foot. 

Emus Bird Photo

Emu Bird Information Specification 
Scientific name Dromaius novaehollandiae
Native Australia
Weigh 36 – 40 kg
Length 1.8  meters
Plumage color Grey-Brown
Speeds 48 km/h (30 mph)
Wing 20 cm (8 in)
Lifespan 30 years


Emu Diet

Emus bird store fat in their bodies part. They all use this storage fat when they looking for more food. This bird requires a large amount of water. They are drinking 9 to 18 liters water in a day. 

Emu bird likes to eat insects, fruits, arthropods, grasshoppers, crickets, seedsbeetles, cockroaches, plants ladybirds, Bogong, larvae, ants, millipedes, and spiders. 

Emus Bird diet  Image

Emu Habitat

Emus bird preferred life in the woodlands, scrubland, grassland,  and forest. Emus bird can swim and they cross the river when they are the ramble.  On the Hot day, they all are also like to play with water. The Emu bird avoid heavily populated areas, dry land, and deep forests   


 Emus Bird habitat WallpaperEmu Egg

The female emu bird lays average 11 thick-shelled, dark green egg. Emus bird egg is 5 inches long and 3 inches wide and weigh 400 to 900 grams.  

This emu bird chick is 10 inches tall and they will have fluffy feathers with yellow, brown, cream and black stripes used to camouflage them in the wild. This bird Chicks are completely grown when they are 12 – 14 months old.

Emu Bird Sound

  • Males emu bird make a grunting sound like a pig and females bird make a loud booming sound.

Emus Bird Images And Wallpaper 2017

Here below you will see beautiful emus bird images and wallpaper. You can easily free download this images to decorate your phone, tablet, and desktop screen. 

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