Egyptian Goose (Alopochen Aegyptiaca) Birds Facts Identification

Egyptian Goose(Alopochen Aegyptiaca)

The Egyptian Goose birds belong from the Anatidae bird family. They look like similar to a duck, Goose Birds ( Anserini), and Swan Birds (Cygnus). Here in this article, you will see the Egyptian Goose Facts like it’s appearance, identification, and sound.

The native of this Egyptian Goose bird is Africa south of the Sahara, Egypt, and the Nile Valley. This Egyptian Goose bird is the large and discrete water bird.

Egyptian goose pair wallpaper

Egyptian Goose Facts


  • The both male and female Egyptian goose bird look similar but males are slightly larger than the female bird.
  • They have a grey, brown, plumage on the upper part with a black back.
  • This Egyptian goose bird has a reddish-brown crown and back side of the neck.
  • The Egyptian goose bird has pinkish legs and beak with black tip and black nostrils.
  •  They have orange color eyes with brown feathers around it.
  • The small chicks have a duller grey and brown color plumage with darker crown and neck.
  •  Egyptian goose bird chick has a black beak, eyes, and legs.


Egyptian Goose Specification
Scientific name Alopochen aegyptiaca
Other names African sheldgoose
Length 63–73 cm (25–29 in)
Weight Male: 1.9 to 2.6 kg
Female: 1.5-1.8 kg
Wingspan 134 – 154 cm
Eggs 5 to 12 eggs
Eggs description white or creamy eggs
Incubation period 28 to 30 days
Destribution Africa,  Nile Valley, south of the Sahara,  Sahel, Great Britain, Netherlands, France, and Germany.
Habitat Rivers, dams, lakes, reservoirs, marshes, estuaries, sewage works, and offshore islands.
Food Seeds, leaves, shoots, grain, grasses, plant stems, crops, winged termites, locusts, worms and small animals.
Sound Hoarse hissing call and harsh, trumpeting quack.
Lifespan  25 years

Egyptian Goose Sound

Egyptian Goose Pictures And Images

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