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Duck Bird

The Duck is the common name of the bird who belongs from the waterfowl family Anatidae. In this Anatidae, family ducks are divided into several subfamilies. Here in this article, you will see the duck bird classification and also see this Duck Facts Images.

The Swans Bird and Geese Birds also belong from the Anatidae bird family. Duck birds are mostly small than the swans and geese and they are aquatic birds. They are also found in fresh water and sea water.

In this article, you will see the following different seven Duck Facts Images and video.

  • Pink-Eared Duck (Malacorhynchus membranaceus)
  • Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata)
  • Wood Duck (Aix sponsa)
  • Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata)
  • Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula)
  • Marbled Duck (Marmaronetta angustirostris)
  • Harlequin Duck (Histrionicus histrionicus)

Duck facts images

Duck Facts Images

Pink-Eared Duck Wallpaper

Pink- Eared Duck Information

Pink-Eared Duck Facts  Specification 
Scientific name Malacorhynchus membranaceus
Other names Zebra duck, zebra teal, pink-ear, pink-eye, pinkie, pink-eyed duck, whistling teal, wigeon, whistler.
Length 38–40 cm
Weight  Male: 290-480 g
female: 272-423 g
Wingspan 57–71 cm
Eggs 3-11
Egg description creamy white
Incubation period 26 days
Destribution Australia, Tasmania
Habitat Water, dry inland regions, pond, and lakes.
Food Plankton, crustaceans, insects, algae, microscopic seeds, crustaceans, molluscs.
Sound High-pitched, sharp ee-jik or tu-ick, whee-ooo, weeee-you or who-ee-oo.
Lifespan  10 years

Pink-Eared Duck Call

Pink-Eared Duck Images

Muscovy Duck Images Facts

Muscovy Duck Information

Muscovy Duck Facts  Specification 
Scientific name Cairina moschata
Other names Barbary Duck
Length Male: 86 cm (34 in)
Female: 64 cm (25 in)
Weight  Male: 4.6–6.8 kg (10–15 lb)
female: 2.7–3.6 kg (6.0–7.9 lb)
Wingspan 137 to 152 cm (54 to 60 in)
Eggs 8–16 eggs
Egg description Glossy white with greenish or buff tint.
Egg Length 2.4–2.8 in
6.2–7.1 cm
Egg Width 1.7–1.9 in
4.4–4.7 cm
Incubation period 35 days
Destribution Mexico, Central and South America, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, United States, particularly in Florida.
Habitat Forested wetlands, nest in tree cavities, forage in shallow wetlands, ponds, lagoons, Domesticated ducks in farms and parks.
Food Worms, insects, reptiles, forage on grasses, sedges, water lily seeds, mangrove seeds, tubers, insect larvae and adults, spiders, crustaceans, mollusks, worms, and small fish.
Sound Male: hiss and puffFemale: quack or croak
Lifespan  8 – 12 years

Muscovy Duck Sound

Muscovy Duck Pictures

Wood Duck Facts Eggs And Photos

Wood Duck Information

Wood Duck Facts  Specification 
Scientific name Aix sponsa
Other names Carolina duck, Canard branchu (French), Pato de charreteras (Spanish)
Length 73 cm (26 to 29 in)
Weight  16–30.4 oz
454–862 g
Wingspan 26–28.7 in
66–73 cm
Eggs 6–16 eggs
Egg Length 1.8–2.4 in
4.6–6.1 cm
Egg Width 1.4–1.7 in
3.5–4.2 cm
Egg description Glossy creamy white to tan
Incubation period 28–37 days
Nestling Period 56–70 days
Destribution North America, British, Columbia, Canada, Washington, California,  United States, south to Texas, Florida ,Gulf of Mexico.
Habitat Wooded swamps, marshes, streams, beaver ponds, and small lakes.
Food Seeds, fruits, insects, snails, acorns, soybeans, smartweed, water primrose, panic grass, duckweed, millet, waterlily, blackberries, wild cherries,  flies, beetles, caterpillars, isopods, snails and other arthropods
Sound Female:  Loud “oo-eek, oo-eek” voice.Male: Thin, rising and falling zeeting whistle.
Lifespan  15 to 20 years

Wood Duck Call

Wood Duck Pictures

Mandarin Duck Bird Pictures

Mandarin Duck Information

Mandarin Duck Facts  Specification 
Scientific name Aix galericulata
Length 41–49 cm (16–19 in)
 Weight 430 – 690 g
Wingspan 65–75 cm (26–30 in)
Eggs 8-10 eggs
Egg description creamy white
Incubation period 29 days
Destribution East Asia, China, Eastern Russia,  pairs,  Japan,  Great Britain.
Habitat Marshes, streams, and pools in wooded areas.
Food Plants, seeds,  beech mast, species, snails, insects, small fish, acorns, grains, aquatic plants, worms, frogs, mollusks, and small snakes.
Lifespan  12 years

Mandarin Duck Sound

Mandarin Duck Photos

Tufted Duck Facts And Images

Tufted Duck Information

Tufted Duck Facts  Specification 
Scientific name Aythya fuligula
Other names Fuligule morillon
Length 40 – 47 cm
Weight  1.1 kg
Wingspan 65 – 72 cm
Eggs 8 and 11 eggs
Egg description creamy white
Incubation period 25 days
Destribution Northern Eurasia,  United States, Canada, Europe, Britain, northern France, Germany,  Poland,  United Kingdom, and southern Asia.
Habitat Marshes, lakes, coastal lagoons, the seashore, sheltered ponds, and large lakes.
Food Molluscs, aquatic insects, plants, crustaceans, snails, insect and larvae.
Sound Harsh, growling “karr” and simple whistles “wit-oo”.
Lifespan  8 to 10 years

Tufted Duck Call

Tufted Duck Images

Marbled Duck Videos, Photos, And Facts

Marbled Duck Information

Marbled Duck Facts   Specification 
Scientific name Marmaronetta angustirostris
Other names Marbled teal
Length 39 – 42 cm
Weight  240-600g
Wingspan 55-60 cm
Breeding Season spring and summer.
Eggs 7 to 10
Egg description creamy eggs
Incubation period 25 to 27 days
Destribution Northwest Africa, Egypt, Mediterranean basin, Middle East, and Central Asia.
Habitat Brackish waters, wetlands, Ponds, lakes, marshes, river deltas, and flooded fields.
Food Plant, small seeds, and aquatic invertebrates.
Sound Silent bird but sometimes make“jeep-jeep”  voice tone.
Lifespan 15-25 years

Marbled Duck Call

Marbled Duck Photos

Harlequin Duck, Identification Pics Fact

Harlequin Duck Information

Harlequin Duck Facts  Specification 
Scientific name Histrionicus histrionicus
Other names Lords and ladies, painted duck, totem pole duck, rock duck, glacier duck, mountain duck, white-eyed diver, squeaker and blue streak.
Length 15–17 in (380–430 mm)
Weight  600 g (1.3 lb)
Wing 188–202 mm (7.4–8.0 in)
Wingspan 26 in (660 mm)
Tail 77–101.5 mm (3.03–4.00 in)
Culmen 25–27 mm (0.98–1.06 in)
Tarsus 36.5–38.5 mm (1.44–1.52 in)
Eggs 3–9 eggs
Egg description creamy eggs
Incubation period 26 days
Destribution North-western, north-eastern North America, Greenland, Iceland, eastern Russia, and western Europe.
Habitat Mountain streams, rivers,  forested regions, coastal waters, and rocky regions.
Food Molluscs, crustaceans insects, fish, and marine invertebrates.
Sound “ek-ek-ek.”  voice tone.
Lifespan 9-12 years

Harlequin Duck Sound

Harlequin Duck Photos

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