Crested Partridge (Rollulus Rouloul) Birds Eggs Facts And Photos Details

Crested Partridge Birds (Rollulus Rouloul)

The Crested Partridge is a small round partridge with the short tail. It is the game bird and belongs from the pheasant family Phasianidae of the order Galliformes. Here in this article, you will see this Crested Partridge Birds eggs, facts and photos.

This bird is also known as a crested wood partridge, roulroul, red-crowned wood partridge, green wood quail or green wood partridge. It is the only bird that is a member of the genus Rollulus. They are Found in small groups called coveys up to 15 individuals (member).

Male and female Crested partridge bird wallpaper

Crested wood partridge facts

  • The male Crested Partridge birds are slightly larger than the females.
  • This both male and female  Crested Partridge birds have a red patch of bare skin on around the eyes and legs.
  • They have red legs and black color beak.
  • Male:

The male Crested Partridge bird has metallic green feathers with on upperparts with glossy dark blue underparts.

Crested Partridge male bird head is decorated with a tall red crest. They also have a white spot on forehead and black frontal bristles.

Crested partridge birds male wallpaper

  • Female:

The female Crested Partridge bird has pea-green body feathers with brown wings coverts.

Crested Partridge female birds have a slate-grey color head with bristles but the lack of crest on head and spot.

Crested partridge bird female picture

Crested Partridge Birds Facts Specification
Scientific name Rollulus Rouloul
Other names Crested wood partridge, roulroul, red-crowned wood partridge, green wood quail, green wood partridge.
Length 25 to 26 cm
Weight 230 grams
Lifespan Up to 12 years


These Crested Partridge Birds are habitat for the Rainforest, bamboo thickets, woodland, evergreen forest. They are mainly found in the S. Burma, S. Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, and Borneo.

Crested Partridge Birds mostly build their nest on the ground scrape by using the dead leaves. The female bird hides their nest under the heap of leaf litter.

Crested partridge bird habitat images


They generally feed on the worms, insects, fruit, veggies, seeds, invertebrates and various mollusks.

Crested partridge birds pair photo


The female Crested Partridge Birds normally lay five or six white eggs in her nest.  They have incubated their eggs for 18 days.

Crested partridge bird eggs pic

Crested Partridge sound

The voice tone of this birds mournful whistled like si-ul.

Attractive Crested Partridge Birds Photos


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