Congo Peafowl (Afropavo Congensis) Bird Facts Pictures Sound Images

Congo Peafowl (Afropavo Congensis)

The Congo Peafowl is the species of peafowl bird family. This Congo Peafowl bird native is the Congo Basin. Here in this article, you will see the Congo Peafowl Bird Facts, habitat, sound, pictures, and images.

 Congo peafowl bird wallpaper

Congo Peafowl Bird Facts


  • Male:

The male bird has a deep blue with a metallic green and violet feathers on the body.

These Congo Peafowl male birds have a red neck skin, gray feet, and legs.

The male bird also has a black tail with fourteen tail-feathers. The male bird head is decorated with vertical white crown elongated hair-like feathers.

Male Congo peafowl bird image

  • Female:  

The female Congo Peafowl Bird has chestnut brown feathers with the black stripe on breast and underparts.

They have a metallic green plumage back and short chestnut brown crest on the head.

The female also has a gray color feet and legs.

Female Congo peafowl bird pictures


Congo Peafowl Bird Specification
Scientific name Afropavo congensis
Others name Paon du Congo, mbulu
National bird The Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Length Male:64 – 70 cm (Adult)
Female:60 – 63 cm
Weight Male: 1.5 kg
Female: 1.2 kg
Eggs 1 to 4 eggs
Egg description Brown color eggs.
sexual mature 1 year
Incubation period 27-28 days
 Distribution  Central Congolian lowland forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
 Habitat Dry forest with a relatively open floor, mainly on watersheds.
Food  Fruits, seeds, plant parts,  insects and other small invertebrates( aquatic insects and termites).
 Sound  Loud duets consisting of “rro-ho-ho-o-a”
Lifespan  15 to 20 years

Congo Peafowl Sound

Beautiful Congo Peafowl Bird Images

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