Common Pochard (Aythya Ferina) Duck Images Facts Guide

Common Pochard Duck (Aythya Ferina)

The Common Pochard duck belongs from the Anatidae family. It is the medium-sized diving Duck. The scientific name of this duck is Aythya ferina and this name derived from the Greek language. Here in this article, you will see the Common Pochard Duck facts, guide, and images.

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Common pochard duck pic


Common Pochard Facts


  • Male: 

The male common pochard duck has a red head and neck with gray color feathers on the back. They also have a long dark beak with gray band and black tip.

The common pochard male duck has a black breast and red eyes. They also have a gray color legs and feet.

Common pochard duck pic

  • Female:

The female common pochard duck has a brown color feathers on all over the body and on the head. They also have a narrow gray color beak and black eyes.

Female Common pochard duck photos

Basic Information

Common Pochard Duck Specification
Scientific name Aythya ferina
Other names Northern Pochard, pochard, Fuligule milouin(French)
Length 40 to 50 cm
Weight Male: 600 to 1,250 grams
Female: 450 to 1,100 grams
Wingspan 70 to 80 cm
Eggs 5 to 14 eggs
Incubation Period 24-26 days
Sexual maturity 365 days old
Egg color Metalic gray color eggs
Distribution  Europe, Asia, Africa, Indian Subcontinent, South and East Asia.
Habitat Marshes and lakes,  lakes, slow flowing rivers, reservoirs, and lagoons.
Food Aquatic invertebrates, aquatic plants, molluscs, roots, tubers, shoots, seeds, and small fish.
Sound Whistlesnote like aaoo-oo-haa. 
Lifespan 23 years


Attractive Common Pochard Duck Images

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