Chukar partridge (Alectoris chukar) Birds Eggs Facts Images

Chukar partridge Birds (Alectoris chukar)

The Chukar partridge birds belong from the  Phasianidae pheasant family. It is the Eurasian upland gamebird and they are also called as a chukar bird. Today here in this article, you will see this Chukar partridge Birds facts and eggs Images.

They consider as the superspecies of the rock Partridge, Philby’s Partridge, and Przevalski’s Partridge. The Chukar partridge bird species are also found in parts of Middle East. They have also established in parts of North America and New Zealand.

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Chukar partridge facts


  • Chukar partridge bird is very similar to the rock partridge bird (Alectoris graeca) and Himalayan Snowcock bird (Tetraogallus Himalayensis).
  • They are like to take enjoy a good dust bath. The Chukar partridge bird is usually found dusting bowls near the shelter of shrubs and trees and at the base of rocky outcrops.
  • The Chukar partridge is spent their most of time on the ground and hardly take short distance flight.

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Chukar partridge bird  Specification
Scientific name Alectoris chukar
Other names chukker (chuker or chukor), Indian chukar and keklik.

Perdrix choukar (French)

Perdriz chukar (Spanish)

Length  13.4–15 in
34–38 cm
Weight Male: 19–27 oz
538–765 g
Female: 12.9–19 oz
367–538 g
Lifespan 10 years


This Chukar partridge bird has belonged from the  Asia, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and along with the inner ranges of the Western Himalayas to Nepal.

They are generally like to live in on steep hillsides with rocky slopes, including rimrock, talus, and bluffs, brush, grasses, and forbs. These birds also occur in the desert with sparse grasses and barren plateaus. 

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The Chukar partridge bird is ground foragers bird and the adult is mainly vegetarian. This bird’s small chicks are mostly eating small insects. The Chukar partridge birds are feed on leaves and seeds of annual and perennial grasses, primarily cheatgrass,  seeds of plants, seeds from pinyon pine, sunflower, and tansy mustard. 

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This bird creates their nest on the ground by using the dry grasses, leaf and breast feathers. The outside diameter of the nest is 8 inches and was 2 inches deep. The female birds hide their nest near the rocks,  under sagebrush, goldenbush,  brush on mountain slopes and desert tea. 

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Chukar partridge eggs  Specification 
Clutch Size 10–21 eggs
Length 1.5–1.9 in
3.7–4.8 cm
Weight  1.2–1.3 in
3–3.2 cm
Incubation Period 24 days
Egg Description Pale white to coffee color eggs with purplish, reddish, or yellowish brown spot. 



These birds are produced low-intensity chuck, chuck, chuck, voice tone. They are also increasing the intensity of volume like chukar-chukar-chukar and they finally produce 3-syllable chuckarachuckarachuckara tone. The voice tone of this birds gives them their name.

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