California Quail (Callipepla Californica) Facts Chicks Eggs Photos

California Quail

California Quail is a small and plump bird. This bird is also known as a plumed quail. Here in this post, I present the California Quail Facts, Chicks, eggs photos and its information in brief.

This bird is also famous as a game bird. Both male and female birds have comma-shaped feathers cap on the head.


California quail images

California quail facts

  • The California Quail is California’s state bird.
  • This bird is sociable birds and they are Generally seen in the small flocks known as “coveys”.
  • California Quail are pretty as well as popular with game hunters.
  • The head plume looks like as a single feather, but it is really a bunch of six overlapping feathers.
  • These birds forage on the ground, often scratching at the soil(dust baths).
  • Diet of this bird is normally 70 percent vegetarian.



California quail facts

California Quail Information  Specification
Scientific name Callipepla Californica
Native  western USA
Other Name  California valley quail or valley quail
Length  24–27 cm(9.4–10.6 in)
Weight  140–230 g(4.9–8.1 oz )
Wingspan 32–37 cm(12.6–14.6 in)
Similar species Brown quail
Lifespan 6 year



 California quail facts

Female Male
Brown Cap Dark brown or black cap
Brwon and creamy face Black face
Brown back Brown back
Light brown chest Grey-blue chest
Light-colored belly Light brown belly
Flanks brown with white, creamy streaks Flanks grey with white, creamy streaks


California Quail birds are mostly found in oak woodlands, chaparral, sagebrush, foothill forests of California and the Northwest.

They also prefer habitat for rough scrubby edges of rivers, suburban gardens, inlets, forests, roads, rural gardens, bracken, tussock grass, gorse, city parks, and agricultural areas.

California Quail Diet

Their diet mostly consists of seeds. But, they also eat leaves, flowers, catkins, grain, manzanita and poison oak berries, acorns.

This bird likes to eats invertebrates such as caterpillars, beetles, mites, millipedes, and snails. They mostly eat food in the early morning and afternoon.

California quail image


Nest of this bird is usually made from the stems and grasses. They prefer to build their nest near the vegetation or rocks for protection. They place their nest up to 10 feet off the ground.

Female California Quail birds hide their nest on the ground by using grasses, shrubs or trees. Typically It’s 1-2 inches deep and  5-7 inches across.

California quail nest pic


California Quail Call

  • The main call of this bird consists three syllables. It’s tone like as a bird saying Chi-ca-go.
  • It makes this type of voice when they are separate from its group (covey) or compeer.
  • They are also use repeated pit-pit alarm call to alert their group from danger.

California Quail Eggs, Chicks Photos, And Images

 California quail eggs

  • The incubation process is only done by female bird.
  • Maximum clutch size is 24 and minimum 8.
California Quail Eggs Specification 
Length 3.2 cm(1.3 in)
Width 2.5 cm(1 in )
Clutch Size 12–16 eggs
Color White or cream with variable brown markings.
Incubation Period 22–23 days



California quail chicks

  • Young birds look like females but have a shorter topknot.
  • California quail chicks have a brown color feather.
  • They also have a pink leg and beak.

California quail photos gallery





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