Brown Teal (Anas Chlorotis) Duck Facts Images Eggs Sound

Brown Teal Duck (Anas Chlorotis)

The Brown Teal Duck is a species of dabbling duck and dabbling ducks is a genus of Ansa. Here in this article, you will see the Brown Teal Duck facts, eggs, sound and images. This Brown teal bird was considered to look like as flightless Auckland and Campbell teals duck in Ansa for many years ago.

Brown teal pair wallpaper

Brown Teal Facts 


  • The male and female both Brown teal ducks look similar but the male ducks are slightly larger than the female duck.
  • The male duck has chestnut colored feathers on all over body and breast with white stripes on a downside of the body.
  • In breeding season male duck also has a green color head and in non-breeding season male look same as a female and chicks.
  • Brown Teal female duck has all over brown color plumage on the body and black color beak.


Brown Teal Duck Specification
Scientific name Anas chlorotis
Other names pateke
Length  48 cm
Weight Male:  620 – 700 g
Female: 530 – 600 g
Eggs 4 to 8 eggs
Eggs color creamy-brown eggs
Incubation period 27–30 days
Distribution New Zealand mainland
Habitat Freshwater, wetlands,  coastal streams, lake, and dams near to farmland.
Food Aquatic invertebrates,  insects, larvae, crustaceans, and mollusks.
Sound Male: Soft, high-pitched whistles and pops.
Female: Low quacks and growls.

Brown Teal  Duck Sound Video

Brown Teal Duck Images 

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