Blue Duck (Hymenolaimus Malacorhynchos) Bird Facts, Eggs, Images

Blue Duck (Hymenolaimus Malacorhynchos)

The Blue Duck Bird belong from the Anatidae family. This Blue Duck is the member of the Duck, Goose Bird, and Swan Bird family. Here in this article, you will see this Blue Duck Bird Facts, eggs, Sound and Images.

It is the popular bird of New Zealand and only member of the Hymenolaimus breed. They are also known as “Whio” because of the male bird’s voice call.

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Blue Duck Bird Facts


  • The blue duck has a dark slate-grey plumage on the backside of the body.
  • They also have a chestnut-flecked breast and yellow color eyes.
  • This blue duck bird has pale pink color bill with black tip.
  • The legs and feet of this bird is grey or black.
  • The both male and female birds are look similar but female bird is smaller than the male bird.
  • The small juvenile has a grey bill and eyes.


Blue Duck Bird Specification
Scientific name Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos
Other names Whio, mountain duck, blue mountain duck
Length 53 cm
Weight Male: 1000 g
Female: 800 g
Breeding season August to October
Egg 4-9 eggs
Egg color Creamy white color eggs
Egg weight 60-65 g
Incubation period 35 days
Distribution New Zealand, North and South Islands.
Habitat Lakes, rivers, bush-edged, lowland,  islands, high water clarity, narrow stream/river widths, shallow river margins, pool and riffle sequences and forested river margins.
Diet Aquatic invertebrates,  caddisfly larvae, berries, fruits, shrubs.
Sound High-pitched wheezy disyllabic whistle like “whi-o”.Male:  Aspirated whistle

Female: Rattling growl.

Lifespan Average 7-8 years

Blue Duck Sound

Incredible Blue Duck Images

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