Blood Pheasant (Ithaginis Cruentus) Birds Facts Images And Eggs Information

Blood Pheasant Birds (Ithaginis Cruentus)

The Blood Pheasant is the state birds of Sikkim. This Blood Pheasant bird is the species of genus Ithaginis of the pheasant family. Here in this article, you will see the Blood Pheasant Birds Facts Images And eggs information in detail.

It is the small and short-tailed pheasant family bird. They are widespread in the eastern Himalayas,  across India, Nepal, Bhutan and China.

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Blood Pheasant Birds Facts


  • This bird has a short, strong and dark gray or black bill and bright red or orange feet.
  • They have a  dark ash or gray color feathers on upperparts with white and green shafts.
  • The underparts of this birds are light gray, white or dirty white feathers with some crimson shafts and paler.
  • They have lance-shaped feathers on belly and sides with green and yellow tips.
  • Blood Pheasant female birds generally have an overall dull brown with some grey plumage on the nape.

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Blood Pheasant Bird Specification
Scientific name Ithaginis cruentus
Other names Chilme, Semo
Weight 400 to 700 g
Length Male: 40 to 48 cm
Female: 38 to 42 cm
Tail Length 13 to 19 cm


They are mostly found in the mountains of Nepal, Sikkim, northern Myanmar, Tibet, and central and south-central China. The Blood Pheasant bird prefers to live in scrub areas, coniferous and mixed forests.

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This Blood Pheasant birds mainly feed on the grain, grass seeds, fallen berries, shoots, tubers, termites, ants, and insects. They are also like to eat green foods and in the wild, they eat mostly lichens.

Blood Pheasant Birds Facts


The female Blood Pheasant bird generally lay 5 to 14 pink or yellowish white color eggs with dark brown and rufous speckles in her nest. The Incubation period of this bird is between 27 to 30 days and it is mostly done by the female. They create their nest by using the dead twigs,  needles, dry leaves, thin tree roots, mosses, and bark.

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Blood Pheasant Bird Call

The call of the Blood pheasant bird is loud like “Jijiji” or “glee-glee-keweee-keweee” or “si-si-si”.

Beautiful Blood Pheasant Birds Images


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