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Australian brush turkey is a large bird with black feathers and a red head. It is extensive species bird from the family Megapodiidae. Here In this article,  I present latest Australian Brush-Turkey Images Nest facts In Details. 

This Australian brush turkey bird is famous for its big nest. This bird is one of three Australian species of mound-building birds. The other two species are the malleefowl and the orange-footed scrubfowl.

Australian Brush turkey image

Australian brush turkey facts

  • These birds have a dark blue-black color plumage and broad, flat tail.
  • Australian brush turkey has a featherless dark red head and neck.
  • The male bird has a yellow throat wattle, Females and younger birds have dull yellow wattles.


Australian brush turkey information Specification
Scientific name Alectura lathami
Other Name  scrub turkey or bush turkey
Native Australia
length 60–75 cm (23.5–29.5 in)
Weigh Male: 2450 g
Female:  2210 g
wingspan 85 cm (33 in)
Head color  Red
Plumage Black 
Food Insects, seeds, and fallen fruits

 Australian Brush turkey bird Wallpaper

Brush turkey nest

This bird is famous for its big nest. He’s building a very unusual nest. The brush turkey gathers together leaves and other plant materials to build his love nest. The turkey gathers all the leaves he can. Then a fungus grows among them and they decompose. 

Then a fungus grows among them and they decompose. This process of decomposition produces hit, which turns the nest into the real incubator. The incubator always has to between 30 and  35-degrees celsius.   

Australian brush turkey eggs

The female Australian brush turkey bird lay 16 and 24 large white eggs in between September to March. Australian brush turkey bird placed her egg in a circle approximately 60–80 cm (23.5–31.5 in) down, 20–30 cm (8–12 in) apart. This bird eggs are 4 m wide and up to 2 m high.

Brush turkey baby

Below you will see a cute and small brush turkey baby images. Australian brush turkey chick has a dark blue and brown color feathers. It’s has a yellow color Plumage on head and neck. This baby bird has an orange color light feather around the eyes.   

Latest Australian Brush-turkey Images

Friends, below I present the attractive Australian Brush Turkey Image Gallery. You will see this images and pick the best picture to decorate your mobile, desktop and tablet screen. You can free download this Australian Brush Turkey wallpaper.  

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