American Wigeon (Anas Americana) Duck Facts Eggs Photos

American Wigeon (Anas Americana)

The American Wigeon Duck is a medium-sized duck it is larger than a teal and smaller than a pintail. This American Wigeon bird is a species of dabbling duck. They mostly found in the North America. Today, here in this article, you will see the American Wigeon Duck Facts, eggs and photos.

The female  American Wigeon Ducks look like similar to a Gadwall Duck.

American wigeon duck wallpaper

American Wigeon Duck Facts


  • Male: 

The male American Wigeon duck has a green color feathers around its eyes. They have a white-cream color crown on the head.

The male duck also has a white or bluish gray beak with black tip and white belly. They have a Black under tail coverts and white color patch on upper wing. The American Wigeon male duck has gray legs and feet.

American wigeon duck male wallpaper

  • Female:

The American Wigeon female duck has a gray and brown plumage on the overall body with white and dark black stripe.

They have a light gray color beak with a black tip. The female duck has a white belly and gray color legs and feet. The female duck has a light reddish brown breast and side.

Female American wigeon duck pictures

  • Chicks: 

The small American Wigeon chicks look similar as an adult female duck.


American Wigeon Facts Specification
Scientific name Anas americana
Other names Baldpate, American WidgeonCanard d’Amerique (French)

Pato chalcuan, Pato Americano (Spanish)

Length 16.5–23.2 in
42–59 cm
Weight 19–46.9 oz
540–1330 g
Wingspan 33.1 in
84 cm
Breeding season Spring
Sexual mature 1 years
Egg 3–13 eggs
Egg color Creamy white.
Incubation period 25 days
Distribution Canada and Alaska,  Idaho, Colorado, Dakotas, Minnesota, eastern Washington and Oregon
Habitat  Shallow freshwater wetlands, wet grassland, ponds, marshes, and rivers.
Food Aquatic plants, insects, and mollusks
Sound Male:  Wheezy whoeewhoewhoe whistle.Female: Low growl qua-ack.
Lifespan Average 21 years

American Wigeon Call Video 

American Wigeon Duck Photos


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